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Unlock the Passion


Successful people, really successful people, have one thing in common, they know how to Unlock the Passion. A really deep emotional feeling about something. 

Henry Ford loved motor vehicles, he was so passionate about them that he wanted every person in the United States to have one. He set about producing cars using mass production, he is often referred to as the father of modern mass production. In his time he became one of the richest men in America. 

Donald Trump has a passion for business, the wheeling and dealing in real estate and other businesses are what excite him. Quote “I do love what I do. I really love it." He also said “passion is what gives you energy and without energy you can’t do anything.” I am not sure if that is the exact quote but it is close. 

Wayne Gretzky lived and breathed hockey, he probably knows more about the game than anyone. I remember watching one game where Gretzky had fired a long shot at the empty goal, the defenseman could not reach the puck so he threw his hockey stick and deflected the shot. The referee did not call a penalty and Wayne pointed out that it was against the rules and called for a penalty shot. There was a delay while the rule book was checked. Even the TV. commentators were not sure, but one of them remarked that if anyone knew it would be Gretzky, he was right. Gretzkys' passion for the game made him successful.

 Your Real reason to be Successful 

It was passion that carried these and many others from obscurity to the realms of the rich and famous. So how do you unlock the passion? Passion is the real reason for doing something, note that I said the REAL reason. There can be many apparent reasons and these are what we usually see, but you need to look deeper to find the passion. When you do find the underlying reason you will get excited, it will be “of course! That’s why I want to do it.” 

Take a look at some of the apparent reasons. Probably the most common one is “I want to make money.” Or “I want to be rich.” I am sure there are some people out there who have a passion for money, most people would call them misers. They would keep their money close by, counting it, never spending anything.

Do not confuse this with a passion for finance, some people have a fascination with the way money works. It is not the money its self, it is the game of moving the money and making it bring the best returns. This is the realm of banking and financiers. If you were to talk to the successful ones you would find out that they get excited, passionate, about the money game. Monopoly became a very successful game based on this, if you have ever played you will know that it can become very competitive and fun.

Money is usually a low level motivation, “I have to work so I can make some money to pay the bills.” This is why so many people suffer Monday morning blues, the motivation is not there. When you unlock the passion within yourself you will have far more motivation and drive than most people, it will keep you going.

Now you might be thinking “But I do want to make money and be rich.” Well good, money can be important, but WHY is it important to you. Is it just to pay the bills or get out of debt? That is not a very good motivation. Look a bit deeper, “I would really like to drive a nice luxury car.” That’s a little better, people will work a bit harder if they can envision a real reward. How about “I want a better life for myself and my family.” This is good if you can visualize that better life, can you see and feel the luxury cars, large house, expensive cruises or whatever you consider a better life to be.

If you can see it and you get very excited then maybe that is your passion. Why did I say maybe, if you look a little deeper you could find that it is the freedom that excites you. The freedom to go where you want, when you want, time to spend with your family, to do what you enjoy without worrying about cost or consequences. I think I could enjoy laughing at bill collectors and telling them to get lost.

How to Unlock Your Passion

 Let's take a closer look at how to unlock the passion in you. First make a list of the things you like to do, what you really enjoy. At this point it does not have to be about success, it could be dancing or chatting with friends. Next extend the list to things you would like to do in the future. Make sure it is what you would like to do, not what someone else says you should do.

Now look at what it is about those activities that make them enjoyable to you. See if there is a common thread that runs through all of them. This may take you a while but it is well worth the effort. When you find the one thing that fits all of them you will probably start laughing, it will make you feel good. Write it down and pin it up somewhere. Now whenever you start to feel down or stopped, re read what you wrote and it will inspire you again. This is probably your main life goal, it will unlock the passion for you. You should work this list a few times.

I have spent many hours working and reworking my lists of all the things I really enjoyed. My realization was I want to see people win. When people win they get all excited, laugh, dance around and give each other hugs (I love hugs). It does not matter if it is a major sports event or a child finally learning to ride a bike. The 'I did it!' makes life great.

Unlock the passion for yourself. Every time that passion is seen, life will be worth living. Other people will see the unlocked passion in you, they will see the drive. That is one of the reasons successful people are respected.

Unlock the passion and really feel alive. Go to the Home page to see where you can use all that power.

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