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Mind Power

The mind is mans most powerful tool.

While mind power is easily demonstrated it is not very well understood. The mind can get people to do the most extraordinary things. I don't believe anybody knows what the mind is or how it really works. Some people will tell you it is the connection between the body and the spirit, others will say it is some sort of chemical reaction in the brain. I will leave that theorizing to other people for now.

Fortunately we do not need to know what the mind is or how it works in order to use it. I do not know exactly how a computer works but I can still get it to do what I want, most of the time. The same is true with many things that we use in our everyday lives.

For now I will use the earlier idea that the mind is a control unit between the spirit (person) and the body (physical). Not because it is necessarily true but it is workable and makes the use of mind power more easily understandable.

The Computer Analogy

If you take the analogy that the mind is like a supercomputer then you can view some of its functions. There appear to be several layers of the mind. There is a very basic level that controls the core functions of the body, breathing, blinking etc. Actions that we usually do not need to consciously control. This would be like the BIOS in a computer.

The next level up would be the operating system, like Windows on a pc or OS X on a Mac. We usually take a little more control over that. Then there is the top level which would be the various programs that we use in our daily living.

A computer does not think or evaluate, it just operates on the data that is put into it. The mind can be seen to act in a very similar way, it responds to the experiences and thoughts that we put into it. The thoughts and evaluations are made by the operator.

Just as the computer operator relies on the data that is given back to them by the computer, we rely on the data from our minds. If the data is wrong then the evaluations and ideas will be wrong. In computer terms this is GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The computer analogy breaks down a little here, a computer operator has their own internal computer, mind, that can often spot any errors. Our minds are such an integral part of us that we seldom question the output, although we should. We rely so much on our minds that it is difficult to accept that our thoughts can be wrong. This is particularly true of core beliefs.

The Minds Control

How much can mind power affect you? It controls your every action and reaction. Many of the things that happen to you are a result of the 'programs' in your mind, even the ones that people would consider were out of their control.

Here is an example. When someone was an infant they developed a mild fever, their mother got worried and gave them extra attention and care. A little later they started going to school and one day they again got a fever, so they get to stay home from school and get more attention. This is programming that is going into the mind.

What happens when they feel lazy and don't want to go somewhere or when they feel that they are not getting attention. The mind has the answer, get sick. There are always enough bacteria and viruses in and around a body, usually the immune system handles them. If the mind directs the immune system to slow down then the person will get sick. If the program is continually reinforced by statements such as 'They are such a sickly person' then that is what they will be.

Please don't take this as meaning that all illness comes from the mind, obviously there are diseases around. However I do believe that there is far more mind power involved in health than most people realize. Even medical doctors will tell you that a persons mental attitude can greatly affect the treatment. Mind power can keep you sick or make you well.

Also in the above example I have given just the one side. There will be other parts saying that the person is fine and healthy. When there is conflicting data I think that the mind will follow the program with the most input, right or wrong.

Accident Prone

I had a younger brother who was 'accident prone'. He was the youngest of four boys and my mother was always very protective of him. She would constantly tell him to be careful and tell us to watch out for him. Well this is fine but when someone tells you to be careful you expect that something bad is going to happen. We all knew that if something was going to happen it would happen to him, and it did.

I remember one time when the three of us older boys were swinging on the branch of a large tree. My younger brother could not jump high enough to grab the branch so the three of us got down and my oldest brother lifted him up. That was when the branch broke and hit him on the head, he had to go to hospital.

Coincidence? maybe but three of us had been bouncing on the branch with no problem and there were just too many other occasions when he would get hurt and the rest of us were fine. And this is not because he was smaller or weaker, it continued on into his adult years.

This is just a couple of examples of how mind power can affect you negatively. Fortunately it will also help you positively. This is where positive thinking and creative visualization come into play, continual positive input will eventually outweigh the negative. If creative visualization is not having an immediate impact for you then keep going. Ignore the internal chatter machine, just overwhelm it with positive.

Mind power is so strong that it can affect what you see, hear, feel and think. If you do not believe this go to see a good hypnotist. There is nothing esoteric or magical about this, although it sometimes seems so.

A mind properly programmed for success in any endeavor will put you in a position to see, hear and know the right actions to take, the right people to talk to and so on. We recognize far more on a subconscious level than we realize.

Remember your mind can subconsciously control you but you can consciously control your mind.

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