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Healthy Relationship

How do people go about building a healthy relationship? All too often in todays society you will see two people get together, start a relationship and then split up after a few months. I think that many people do not look at what a relationship is, or what they really want from it. It usually starts with a sexual attraction and while sex can be very enjoyable it is not enough to build a healthy relationship on.

What is a Relationship?

Trying to build something without knowing what it is that you are trying to build is kind of silly. If an engineer just started to build a bridge without planning it out properly then the bridge would soon collapse. This is what happens to most relationships. A bridge can not just be built with nuts, bolts and steel, it needs a good foundation. A relationship can not just be built on sex, it too needs a good foundation.

A relationship could be considered to be a bridge between two people, if it is built solidly then it will last. In my other pages you will find that a healthy relationship is built on Love, Trust and good Communication. Without these as the foundation it will collapse. And just as a bridge needs continual maintenance so does a relationship.

Joint Venture

To build a strong relationship you must start to think as a couple. You should consider yourselves to be one unit, WE, not me and you. It has been stated before that a relationship should not be a 50/50 affair but 100/100. Take responsibility for everything as a couple.

If your partner makes a mistake then it should be 'how do we fix it'. Blame should never come into it, none of us are perfect and blame only aggravates things. So the meal got burnt, big deal, go out for supper together. The car did not get fixed properly, stay home and watch a movie together.

Remember that your partner is a part of you, a part of your relationship. When they are hurt so are you. Do not look for faults, build on each others strengths. A healthy relationship is very powerful, two people working together  can achieve incredible success, far more than two people working alone. Whatever your partner wants to do give them your whole hearted support.

Sharing and Caring

Any task that a person has to do can be a chore or it can be fun. When you work as a team the burden is automatically lighter and if you make it a game to play then it will bring you closer together. Even housework is enjoyable if you have someone there laughing and joking with you. Two people working in harmony is a beautiful thing. It is harder to play by yourself.

So share and care, be a couple not two individuals and build a healthy relationship. Have fun.

To get a more complete view of how to build and maintain an exciting relationship see What is Love, Trust in Relationships and Communication in Relationships.

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