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The Success Checklist

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Congratulations, you are one of the small percentage of people who are actively seeking success. Almost everybody wants to succeed but they do not know how, or try to find out how. They rely on luck, hope and keep dreaming, that is not enough. 

The Success checklist is designed to take you through the various pages of my website. It is simple to follow and will give you a good foundation to grow on. I can not guarantee your success, nobody can. Nor can I cover everything that a person will need to succeed in every possible area. However if you read, understand and apply what is here then you will be well on the road to success. It is a journey of discovery, it is about you. 

If you have already read some of my website then I urge you to read it again, in the order laid out below. 

Feel free to distribute this file to anyone that you think could use it. There is no fee for any of this information. I would however, really appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions. If you have any difficulty with any of this or feel there is something extra that need covering please contact me, I would like to work together on this. Post your thoughts on the Blog

You can download this as a PDF file right click and save as HERE.

Have fun with the journey and let me know how it goes. 

Ray Terris

Section One:- What is Success 

  1. What is Success, this is the first page and introduction to my site.  If you click on my picture in the right hand column it will take you to the about me page.
  2. The Meaning of Success, Many people have not formed a real idea of what success means to them, it is not just about money.
  3. Definition of Success. This is a workable definition of success.
  4. Create Success. Success as a process.
  5. Fear of Success. Why some people will never succeed and why they will try to stop you.


Section Two :- Self Improvement

  1. Self Improvement. It really takes the right mindset to succeed.
  1. Unlock the Passion. This gives you the tool to find your driving purpose, which is what pushes you past setbacks.
  1. Building Self Esteem. When you feel good about yourself you can succeed, that helps build self esteem.
  1. Anxiety and Depression. Depression can be overcome. Donít let it stop you.
  1. Dress for Success. What do you want to look like.
  1. What is Intelligence. Do you have to be smart to be successful?
  1. Increase Intelligence. Intelligence can be improved.
  1. Mind Power. Your mind is a very powerful tool, for good or bad.
  1. Organized Living. Keeping things in order can help.
  1. Self Control. Control is vital to success


Section Three:- Working with People  

  1. Interpersonal Relationships. You success will depend on how well you deal with others.
  1. What is Communication. There is far more to communication than just talking.
  1. Communication in Relationships. More about communication.
  1. Trust in Relationships. Building and maintaining trust is very important.
  1. Healthy Relationships. When you support others they will support you.
  1. What is Love. Working with the ones closest to you.

Section Four:- Money

  1. Money Tips. Money basics, how it works.
  1. Managing Money. If you don't control money it will control you.
  1. Financial Freedom. The debt trap.
  1. How to be Rich. Being rich is an attitude.
  1. I am Rich. Reflecting on the previous page.

Section Five:- Critical Success Factors

  1. Critical Success Factors. Learn to succeed. You will not need to follow the links on the page if you are following this checklist.
  2. How to set Goals. Having goals and plans are vital to success.

  3. Setting Personal Goals. Working out your direction in life.

  4. Achieving Goals. It is not enough to have a goal, you must go for it.

  5. Smart Goals. Extra tools to make things work.

  6. Creative Visualization. This technique can work, if you do it right.

  7. Personal Power. Power is something that few people understand.

  8. Leadership. Other people will willingly help you succeed if you provide good leadership.

  9. Never Give Up. This sums up the art of winning.

Section Six:- Making Money

  1. Business Ideas. What is blocking people from creating a successful business?

  2. Making Money at Home. What are the advantages and pitfalls?

  3. Make Extra Money. How to enjoy making money.

  4. Network Marketing. Scam or greatest wealth builder? It depends on you.  

Extras:- These are not really part of the checklist, just some extras that you might find interesting.

  1. Education Issues. Are there problems with the education system?

  2. Importance of Education. Education is important, is it working for your children?

  3. Quotes on Success. Nice quotes, please send me your favorite.

  4. Books and Authors. This will take you to a page about my Kindle books and to other Kindle books that I found interesting.

  5. Videos and Bloopers. Extra videos and my mistakes.

If you have found this checklist useful or interesting please pass it on. Send anyone to http://what-is-success.com/success-checklist.html

The best way to reach me with comments or questions is through the Blog or my Facebook page. Please feel free to post there.




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 Ray Terris

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