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When I was in my 20s I would talk to people about my business ideas, what I wanted to do. I soon discovered that just about everyone that I talked to also had quite a few business ideas, some of them very good. Unfortunately most of their business ideas never got started and the few that did just failed. I never understood why at the time.

Is starting a business really so difficult? Well yes and no. The physical actions of starting a business are actually fairly easy. With just a little research and planning anyone can put their business ideas into action.

So what makes starting a business difficult? The REAL problem is that our society and education has, unintentionally, programmed us not to do it. From a very early age we are told to be careful, not to take risks. Then, in school, we are told where to go, when to go, what to do and how to do it. Mistakes are penalized, we are taught that it is wrong to make mistakes, you will fail the test.

This continues into our teens and early 20s. The advice that is given is to get a good education, get a good job and work hard. Then when you do work for someone else you are told where to go, when to go and so on.

Now starting a business requires taking some risks and you must be prepared to make mistakes. That is how a business grows, someone tries some business ideas. They make a few mistakes, learn from them, and improve their approach.

Most successful business people come from a business background. Their parents or someone close to them had a business, so they already have a mental program that counters the programming that most of us receive. This is why someone who has made a million dollars can recover from bankruptcy and make another million, they have broken that training.

It is not easy to break this early training, most people do not even recognize that it is there. So your business ideas run up against these mental blocks, it causes uncertainty, doubt, fear and confusion, that is enough to stop any business.

So your first major task in getting your business ideas going and starting a business is to reprogram your mind. Use all the tools that you can find to do that, positive affirmations, the secret, unlocking passion, neurolinguistic programming and just downright determination to win. Just keep pushing, it gets easier.

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